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CMI provides solutions to retailers that can offer them new and innovative ways of more deeply engaging with its customers and helping employees fully utilise their working day. From well-designed wireless networks, to actionable insists into customers, we have the right solutions.

Implementing an RFID solution has been proven to increase stock accuracy up to 99 %, which has led to a sales increase of 5-25 %.”

According to a recent survey, most fashion retailers believe their stock information is around 99% accurate. In reality it’s closer to 75%.

RFID improves the efficiency of stocktaking by a factor of 10 or 15 times, which reduces man hours required and frees staff to serve customers.

“CMI is a destination for market leading technological solutions to help your business both grow and strive. By providing best of breed products and services from partners we know and trust we can support you from start to finish creating meaningful long term relationships. CMI exist to create solutions where passion and purpose come together.”

Key Benefits

  • 1
  • Rapid stock turnaround
  • 2
  • Fast service
  • 3
  • Increased sales
  • 4
  • On-time replenishments
  • 5
  • Operations transparency
  • 6
  • Real-time connectivity to inventory and POS systems
  • 7
  • Cost reductions
  • 8
  • Less counterfeit
  • 9
  • Reduced shrinkage