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Whether you are in the business of aviation, manage a port or other maritime business or perhaps a railroad company? Our portfolio of end-to-end wireless solutions can help enable your environment to move, capture and manage Video, Data and IP Based voice in real time.

Within the transportation industry the incurred costs of inefficiencies coming from a lack of visibility are considerable. Shrinkage, losses and inaccuracies affect initial product costs and profitability.

Metrics from RFID installations in place are also considerable. RFID can help automate counting and tracking processes that are needed for a high speed faster and more accurate supply chain.

Transportation and logistics companies are using RFID to achieve:

  • 100% shipping, receiving, and order accuracy;
  • 99.5% inventory accuracy;
  • 30% faster order processing
  • 30% reduction in labour costs.

With a more enhanced view across the supply chain, the bottom-line benefits of  RFID solutions are proving to be considerable.

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Key Benefits

  • 1
  • Fast authentication and counting
  • 2
  • Reduced shrinkage
  • 3
  • Accurate and automated order management
  • 4
  • Rapid stock turnaround
  • 5
  • Transparency for operations
  • 6
  • Cost reductions