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Intelligent File and Inventory Tracking (iFIT™) is a unique Multi-Purpose Tracking and Business Process Management Platform that gives you the tools to manage your physical paper health records, supplies, medical devices, assets, vulnerable patients, porters, staff, etc.

Basically if it moves, you tag it and iFIT will track it.

iFIT’s base platform provides common tracking and management tools for use across the hospital enterprise, but it is designed to be deployed departmentally supporting individual business issues – with savings growing as more  departments embrace the solution.

The iFIT Solution Verticals address specific departmental requirements including:

Health Records

iRecords includes File management automation for: pulling, filing, prepping, delivery, collection, Tracking, Archiving, Retention and destruction management.


iPharmacy includes Batch and Sell by date management

Medical Devices

iAssets Includes a full asset register and management tool providing full Life Cycle processes

IT Assets

iAssets provides a full IT Asset hardware/software register with asset life cycle and secured destruction processes.


iSupplies includes inventory management and distribution


iPathology includes Process management from the referral process, in-theatre Patient/specimen pairing plus tagging and Logistics management for GP collection and processing


iCSSD includes Tray containerisation, process management and in-theatre Patient/Tray Pairing
Workforce Management

iWorkforce includes pre-scheduled and ad-hoc Task allocation and management, Integrated Pager and VoIP communications.

Our solution

Locating missing records/items is a time consuming and demoralising activity for hospital staff.

The iFIT RFID/RTLS Hybrid solution with its Fixed Tracking Network includes the use of intelligent Mobile devices that can locate individual missing items immediately within 360 degrees and a 15 foot reach, without disturbing the occupants of that area – this significantly improves the speed and ease with which items can be found and tracked.

RFID Passive Tracking is typically deployed at key choke points across the hospital.  This will provide “Read Points” of item movement through key areas and multi-sited buildings.  RFID Passive Tags are placed on High-Volume items (health records, Drugs, supplies, specimens etc.) while RTLS Active tags (utilising the hospitals WiFi network) are used for low volume tracking such as Patients at Risk and key assets that require remote monitoring.

iMobility: intelligent mobile desktops

In order to offer its users full mobility, iFIT makes use of the following:

  • Intelligent Barcode management
  • RFID/RTLS tracking
  • Mobile computing (wifi)
  • Mobility hardware (mobile desktops, android devices, barcode scanners, smart chip & pin)

iEDM: Electronic Document and Image Store

Also available is iFIT’s iEDM module to manage and associate electronic information against any physical item managed by iFIT.  It will hold all multimedia files and includes a Scan Capture tool for records archiving and viewing.


Data collected within iFIT is made available for analytics and reporting.  The iAnalytics Module includes a sophisticated data warehouse and reporting tool set (MS SQL/SSRS) enabling standard report template generation and production.  iAnalytics includes an Executive Dashboard with active KPIs and Ad-Hoc reporting by the user.

Simplified User Inter-activity

iFIT has been developed with a simplified and intuitive user interface.

The iFIT “Home Bar”, designed for each Vertical, provides the key functionality for quick system interaction.  Users can quickly access major iFIT functions, complete tasks and move to the next either from a desktop or Mobile device.  Training effort is drastically reduced where typically a new staff member can be trained within 15 minutes for the basic tagging, tracking and search functions.

Verticals (modules)


Key Business Challenges within Health Records Services include:

  • Records Staff are anchored to desktops for tracking records in a labour intensive process
  • Filing records require a cumbersome multiple step manual process that is very labour intensive.
  • Records are tracked to delivery location while still physically in the library or other areas, creating conflict and assurance issues.
  • Tracking records within the clinical/clerical community is not adhered to, as it is too onerous and time consuming with the current Case Note Tools within PAS.
  • Retention management is manually driven, and NHS Code of Practice for Retention and Destruction is not auditable.
  • Library(s) Weeding and Shelving Maintenance and Management are labour intensive, requiring cumbersome spreadsheet generation for archiving records and re-numbering and “snaking” of shelves to free space.
  • Clinical Preparation of Records is totally manually driven, relying on photocopying and label printing, causing demographic and coding errors.
  • Reporting Trust and DOH requirements is labour intensive with manual process open to errors.

iFIT Resolution:

Health Records Services overhead can be dramatically reduced through the implementation of the iFIT iRecords solution while still improving services to the clinical community and security through improved auditability.

  • Improve Information Governance
  • Full Audit Trail of Records Activity
  • Streamline Audit Activity
  • Improved Statutory Reporting
  • Support Level 3 Rating
  • Improve Service to Clinical Community.
  • Reduce Admin Overhead
  • Secure and Audit Library Access
  • Replace an antiquated CNT Application.
  • Prepare for EDRM and manage the costly scanning effort

iFIT overcomes the current challenges providing the Trust Record Services with modern logistics management technology to support, consolidate and automate manual processes. While other Case Note Tracking solutions are very basic in functionality and cumbersome to use, the iFIT Platform has been successfully deployed within the NHS environment for Health records management with proven and demonstrable savings.

Return on Investment

iFITs’  proven approach has demonstrated a Return on Investment of up to  40% per year in records staff overhead alone prior to any scanning and Electronic Document Management investment which will lead to even more savings.

Key savings areas are articulated in the infographic presented here.