Wireless LAN

Wireless LAN Image

Having a fast reliable WLAN isn’t just important, it’s crucial. The invasion of wireless could be seen to make the combination of wireless and wired network management a difficult proposition; CMI are on hand to offer the right advice and network solutions to make this work seamlessly, the management is an important feature that can save IT time and money.

The Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) phenomenon has burst into the enterprise space, and it’s here to stay. Employees are bringing a huge variety of device types and multiple platforms with them and are demanding to connect to the business network

CMI understand the importance of your WLAN and are here to help you deliver the fastest possible wireless network performance to your users. A Precise well configured WLAN solution will give you the performance you need to get your users devices and applications running at their optimum.

High speed wireless lan performance is not a nice to have but a must have.”

Key Benefits

  • 1
  • Increased mobility Roam without losing connectivity and Work together more effectively
  • 2
  • Increased responsiveness Connect to the information you need when you need it and Provide better customer service
  • 3
  • Faster access to information Connect hard-to-reach areas and Improve your processes
  • 4
  • Simplistic network expansion Add users quickly and Grow your network cost-effectively