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Easy Aerial Products

Easy Aerial Systems


We offer a range of autonomous drone-in-a-box systems designed for various applications, including security, inspection, mapping, and more. Each system is fully integrated and includes a drone, Easy Guard ground station, and software for seamless operation.

CMI Easy Aerial SAMS small

Smart Aerial Monitoring System

CMI Easy Aerial SAMS-T small

Smart Aerial Monitoring System Tethered

CMI Easy Aerial ECTS small

Easy Compact Tether

CMI Easy Aerial Easy Remote Monitoring System small

Easy Remote Monitoring System

Easy Aerial Drones


Introducing Easy Aerial’s innovative drone solutions designed to meet the specific needs of various industries. These customisable drone platforms can be equipped with a range of sensors and payloads to meet your specific mission requirements.

CMI Easy Aerial Sparrow small

Mission-ready tube-shaped versatile and lightweight Drone-in-a-Rucksack.

CMI Easy Aerial Kestrel small

All-weather capable quadcopter with the ability to fly over 65 MPH

CMI Easy Aerial Osprey small

Hexacopter ideal for carrying a variety of large payloads or cargo

CMI Easy Aerial Albatross small

Ideal for extremely long mission flights carrying multiple payloads

CMI Easy Aerial Raptor small

A hybrid solution able to go from tethered to free-flight. Simply untether and go

CMI Easy Aerial Eagle small

The Eagle Drone is Easy Aerial’s heavy-lifting sUAS (drone)

CMI Easy Aerial EGCS small

Easy Ground Control Station is a handheld ground station for manual drone operation

Easy Aerial Ground Stations


The Easy Guard ground stations are compact, portable, and rugged featuring an automated roof opening and closing system. It enables automated takeoff, landing, and charging with situational awareness sensors and can receive landing dones while on the move.

CMI Easy Aerial Easy Guard small
Easy Guard (EG)

This ground station is a smart, independent aircraft hangar for takeoff, landing & charging

CMI Easy Aerial Easy Guard Tethered small
Easy Guard Tethered (EGT)

An EG, with the addition of a 150, 200, or 300 ft. data-over-power (DOP) smart tether-line

CMI Easy Aerial Power Guard small
Power Guard (PG)

Enables 20 full charges of the drone battery or 12 hours of continuous tethered flight

CMI Easy Aerial Easy Compact Tether System small

The Easy Compact Tether System is a highly portable version of the SAMS-T

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