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Easy Aerial Sparrow

Sparrow — Drone-in-a-rucksack

CMI Easy Aerial Sparrow

Introducing the Sparrow Drone-in-a-Rucksack, a compact and lightweight Group 1 sUAS (drone) that allows for consistent surveillance and communication relay. With its easy-to-use solution, the Sparrow supports continuous ISR, VHF/UHF comms relay, and optical operational scenarios, making it a versatile tool for various applications.


Deploying the Sparrow is effortless with its tactical rucksack that stores a complete operational kit, including dual drones, swappable payloads, and battery replacements. Thanks to its unique design, the Sparrow allows for quick battery release and no-tool field replacement, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency. Additionally, the Sparrow can carry a maximum payload of 3kg, with high-performance characteristics that support a 2.5kg payload for 30 minutes or a camera payload for 50 minutes of flight.


Designed for rapid deployment and ease of use, the Sparrow is perfect for a range of applications, from military and law enforcement operations to search and rescue missions. With its compact form factor and advanced capabilities, the Sparrow provides a lightweight, reliable, and versatile solution for aerial surveillance and communication.

The Sparrow has both free-flight and tethered capabilities. In free-flight mode, it can fly for up to 50 minutes with a camera payload, while tethered mode enables continuous operations with unlimited endurance using a secure data-over-power tether cable. This versatility makes the Sparrow ideal for various applications, from tactical surveillance and intelligence gathering to communication relay and more.


The Sparrow’s compact size and portability make it ideal for a wide range of use scenarios. Its lightweight design allows it to be easily transported to remote or hard-to-reach locations, making it an excellent choice for military or first-responder operations. Its small form factor also enables it to be deployed quickly in emergency situations, providing critical aerial surveillance and communication relay capabilities. Additionally, the Sparrow’s ability to carry swappable payloads makes it a versatile solution for a variety of mission types, including search and rescue, reconnaissance, and monitoring of critical infrastructure.

Easy Aerial Sparrow Specifications

  • Empty Weight: 5.0 kg (11.0 lbs) w/o payload
  • Form Factor: Foldable tube-shaped quad-copter
  • Endurance:  Military-grade materials and construction make the Sparrow rugged and all-weather-resistant (Rain, Snow, Fog, & Smoke)
  • Flight Time: 50 minutes w/o payload, 25 minutes w/3 kg (6.6 lbs)
  • Four (4) sUAS in one Transport case backpack with two (2) drones
  • Payload: Top and bottom payload mounts with mid-flight and ground payload release capability

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