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Resilient connectivity – tested on the ground

Establishing secure broadband connectivity in remote, and often hostile, environments is one of the primary and most complex needs of modern military and defence personnel. A reliable network is essential when it comes to communicating strategy, maintaining situation awareness, ensuring connections between convoys, and much more.


Rajant Kinetic Mesh® networks – designed for the field


Rajant Kinetic Mesh® networks are designed to overcome the obstacles that troops in the field present, such as rugged, rural terrain. Also, these innovative solutions have been battle-proven to overcome these issues by supporting mission-critical communications.


A fully operational network, anytime, anywhere


So, how does the Rajant network stay fully capable at all times, even when nodes are lost, or radio frequencies are jammed? It’s all thanks to InstaMesh technology, which dynamically utilises all available frequencies for any and all functions. These market-leading nodes can support up to four 802.11 a/b/g/n radios simultaneously, in a huge variety of combinations.


In such hostile environments, sometimes interference on certain frequencies may occur. In this case, a Rajant node will source another available channel to complete its transmission. As a result, users benefit from robust fault tolerance, high throughput, and low latency. It’s the power and security you need, even in situations in which the enemy is attempting to block communications.


Pioneering vehicle-to-vehicle communications


Kinetic Mesh® networks optimise efficiency and survival in remote battlefield operations.


Resilient V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) communications between moving convoy vehicles is an essential operational need on the field. Rajant BreadCrumbs can link lead, rear, and all vehicles in between, ensuring that even if some satellite-equipped machines are in any way compromised, voice, video and data communications remain on the localized network. The network is also self-healing and complements both satellite and microwave link.


The chosen provider of military-grade networks


Rajant Kinetic Mesh® BreadCrumbs provide configurable per-hop, per-packet data authentication which has been proven in the field by a number of leading military and defence institutions, with unmatched success.

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