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Rajant SlipStream

Rajant Slipstream


The Rajant Slipstream has been designed to help you easily adapt and scale your connectivity operations. Seamlessly transfer wireless traffic from your existing wired network to your Rajant network in a way that’s both ultra-fast and secure.


The Slipstream is the ideal solution for maintaining network security and high-quality performance, while also adding additional applications to your network.

As the volume of valuable transferred data grows, the Slipstream ensures that vital voice, data and video information reaches its intended destination, from vehicle and equipment automation to surveillance.


How does the Slipstream work?


Whether you’re implementing a completely new wireless network or are updating your current network, the Slipstream eliminates any potential delays and weak points.


This wired Breadcrumb® acts as a reliable conduit between your Kinetic Mesh and wired networks. High speeds and efficiency come as standard: a high-speed processor ensures data crosses the boundary at an impressive rate of hundreds of megabytes per second. As wireless demands grow, the Slipstream helps you to adapt and thrive.

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