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Rajant Hawk and Peregrine

New Rajant High-Performance BreadCrumb Platforms

Rajant has introduced two new industrial-grade-high-performance BreadCrumb platforms, offering 2.3GBps signal rate and over 600MBps of usable throughput via dual MIMO transceivers, whilst retaining Rajant’s enhanced security.

The two new solutions are the BreadCrumb Hawk Series and BreadCrumb Peregrine Series. They are as impressive as they sound!

The primary goal of the development of these latest BreadCrumbs was to improve performance and maintain security whilst combining data from people, vehicles and machines.

The Hawk is available in various models and is a high-performance, wireless node, infused with Rajant’s patented InstaMesh protocol. The enhanced security measures offer 256QAM, 80MHz channels and hardware acceleration with dual 2×2 MIMO transceivers and up to 1.7Gbps aggregated data rate.

The Peregrine offers 2.3Gbps aggregated data rate, quad 2×2 MIMO transceivers, higher throughput and security measures that use 256QAM, 80MHz channels, and hardware acceleration. The high-performance, quad radio, wireless node is also infused with Rajant’s InstaMesh and combines high-speed, highly flexible, mobile connectivity to reliably power new applications. This includes video, LiDAR processing and robotics.

Why Hawk and Peregrine you might ask? The hawk is known for its ability to use its intuition, complete tasks and make crucial decisions, whilst the peregrine falcon is the world’s fastest bird and is known for rising above challenging situations.

Both of these BreadCrumb solutions are compatible with Rajant’s existing models and are highly recommended for expanding customer capabilities in a number of industries.

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