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Hospitals are busy, complex environments that are always changing, no two days are the same. The primary focus for hospital staff is to provide patients with straightforward access to care.
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Benefits of RTLS in healthcare industries

Hospitals are busy, complex environments that are always changing, no two days are the same. The primary focus of hospital staff is to provide patients with straightforward access to care. They need their equipment and tools to be in the right place at the right time, so no time is wasted, and they can offer assistance as quickly as possible.

For the workflow to run efficiently, medical departments need to ensure their assets are managed securely and resources are used productively. Siemens RTLS system allows healthcare industries to do just that, with a completely transparent view of the entire facility and its assets, in real time.

The solution allows medical professionals to:

  • Keep track of assets in real-time
  • Improve the patient experience by increasing productivity and focus on patient care
  • Increase staff satisfaction by enhancing interactions and increasing motivation of the workforce
  • Improve workflows and optimise clinical operations by automating processes


The solution uses sensor-based tracking technology to identify places and locate all valuable assets, including objects, patients, and staff. Each asset is equipped with a tag, that uses wireless transmissions to send location data to receivers (repeaters) that are installed throughout the facility. The data can then be processed into actionable insights and becomes visualised through virtual interfaces.

RealTime Asset Optimisation

Provides an overview of the location and status of your tracked assets.

RealTime Hospital Navigator

This is a mobile app that provides patients, visitors, and staff with a personalised 3D map of the facility, showing important locations such as waiting areas, cafes, examination rooms and specific units. The app can give you step-by-step instructions on how to get to where you need to be, it offers different routes for patients with disabilities.

RealTime Asset Finder

This is the digital locating service that locates medical equipment in your organisation. As well as showing you where your assets are, it identifies specific features so you can work out exactly what you need. All your asset information is available in one place, along with a filter function so you can filter your search using different categories such as weight, size, department, colour, serial number etc.

RealTime Staff Connection

Automates manual activities, saving time, optimising workflows and makes it easier for your workforce to coordinate tasks and collaborate with each other. In turn, this will improve productivity and increase their work satisfaction.

RealTime Asset Security

This sends automatic alerts if any assets leave a secure zone. This helps prevent theft and misplacement of important/expensive equipment.

Secure zones can be personalised in specific areas, meaning you can tailor your security to your exact needs within different units. The alert notifications can also be personalised for different scenarios, using asset status information from the system. This includes maintenance dates, disinfection status and more.

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