Poynting introduces two new OMNI-directional antennas - CMi Corporation
Poynting has introduced two new OMNI-Directional antenna solutions, both with the same electrical specifications, but each designed for either marine applications or rural environments.
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Poynting introduces two new OMNI-directional antennas

Poynting has introduced two new OMNI-directional antenna solutions, both with the same electrical specifications, but each designed for either marine applications or rural environments. These two new solutions are based on the very popular OMNI-291 and OMNI-292 antennas, also known as the best all-round LTE-5G OMNI-directional antennas. They have similar characteristics, but the two new models provide improved reception capability on the most popular 5G/LTE cellular bands.

Both antennas achieve exceptional OMNI-directional performance, with a medium gain and wide vertical beamwidth when operating on lower frequency bands. When operating on higher frequency bands, they offer high gain and a narrower, vertical beamwidth.

The OMNI-493 is tuned to cover a large range of new frequencies, ranging from 617 MHz to 3800 MHz, ensuring it will accommodate for Band 71:617-698MHz, and makes it a perfect addition to a marine and coastal portfolio. The antenna performs well on lower bands, allowing extra reach to be added, whilst providing better and stronger throughput. It has been designed specifically to prevent water ingress, allowing it to withstand tough water conditions, as well as salt water, chemical, toxic and corrosive environments.

The OMNI-493 is extremely reliable and a good all-round option that will consistently ensure 3G,4G and 5G connectivity when out at sea or in remote areas.

The OMNI-293 is the urban version of this antenna and excels when it comes to 5G frequencies. Similar to the OMNI-493, it performs well at Band 71 (617-698 MHz), which is being introduced in more and more countries. This future-proofs both antennas and makes them useable in all parts of the world. The OMNI-293 has been designed to prevent water and dust ingress when installed outdoors. It’s also UV and weather protected and can be used in commercial, industrial, residential, and rural implementations.

The exceptional wideband performance of this antenna is an important factor for future 5G and LTE technologies as they require features, such as Carrier Aggregation, to provide the best possible reception and throughput over multiple frequency bands simultaneously.

Check out the features of these antennas using the charts below and contact us for any more information. https://www.cmilabsplc.com/contact/



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