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DotDefender – Web Application Security

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Introducing dotDefender, a web security firewall. Protect your business from both known and emerging digital threats with the bonus of simple integration, low overheads, and enterprise-class security.


dotDefender offers solutions for hosting, enterprise and small to medium-sized businesses, and is also compatible with a number of platforms, from IIS and Apache to the Cloud.


A central management console offers a comprehensive overview and total control over numerous dotDefender installations, while open API makes for seamless integration with your existing systems to save you both time and money.

Why choose Applicure dotDefender?

PCI Compliance, the simple way

dotDefender helps you to meet the strict guidelines set out by the PCI (Payment Card Industry) for online retailers and service providers.

Stop hackers in their tracks

The powerful dotDefender Firewall eliminates sophisticated cyber threats by targeting SQL injection, cross-site scripting and other data-stealing methods for your ultimate peace of mind.

Versatile solution

dotDefender works independently around you and your business needs. From Windows to Linux and from dedicated servers to the cloud, dotDefender is on-hand to protect your data and processes.

Flexible pricing structure

Make dotDefender work for you with either a perpetual or annual license, or choose a Software as Service model via our worldwide hosting or managed services partners.

Sample Screens

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