Siemens Simatic RTLS - CMI Corporation
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Mobilize Production, Maximize Flexibility

SIMATIC RTLS – technology that drives Industrie 4.0

  • Flexible solution for locating applications thanks to industrial scalability.
  • High future proof thanks to expandability to new applications or operating areas.
  • Smooth solution implementation thanks to comprehensive Siemens expertise.
  • Flexible integration into various IT systems and even cloud-based applications.
  • Accuracy and reliability in industrial


RTLS and the Digital Enterprise

RTLS empowers the Digital Twin

Increase planning quality and reduce non-conformance costs.


Supervision and documentation

RTLS maps the 3D model from digital twin with real environment.


Increased automation grade

Collaborative and mobile robotics.


Optimized maintenance
RTLS-based guidance and navigation of service staff


Advanced logistics concepts

AGV routing or control of picking processes.


Continuous monitoring of goods

Combine process data and position to reduce waste.


Breakup of traditional assembly lines

Increased flexibility and utilization through free flow of material, goods, and workforce.

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