Freewave Industrial IoT Edge Platform - CMI Corporation
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Industrial IoT connectivity

As a 25-year leader in long-range industrial M2M wireless solutions, FreeWave has helped thousands of customers achieve reliable connectivity for data telemetry and command and control, in some of the most challenging, remote, and rugged environments in the world.

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Today, we see the potential that the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has to truly transform how companies run widespread and remote operations. That’s why we’ve infused our products with new edge computing capabilities, delivering an ecosystem of solutions evolved for IIoT and ready to bring exponential efficiency and productivity gains to our customers.

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With FreeWave as your partner, IIoT is not a far-off vision but a near-term reality. Every edge environment, from oilfields to solar farms to military theaters, holds untapped efficiency and performance gains – and they can only be accessed by pushing intelligence to where operations are taking place. FreeWave holds the key to unlocking that potential, fast.

Why Now?


FreeWave has been connecting remote industrial operations for 25 years, but the proliferation of sensors and devices is driving new demands for compute power at the edge as well. We saw the opportunities facing our customers and evolved our platform so that they can:

Address Data-Intensive Realities of IIoT

Distribute processing to occur at the source, where the remote asset operates.

Decrease network latency
Optimize bandwidth

Create Data Transparency

Enable anytime, anywhere access of field data by any stakeholders that need it.

Collect high-fidelity data for new insights
Eliminate silos with cloud-based access

Foster Interoperability

Connect disparate devices using open, secure connectivity options such as MQTT.

Enrich existing infrastructure
Connect to cloud for enriched insights

Enable New Business Models

Combine real-time operational data (OT) with longer-term insights (IT) to power:

Predictive and preventative analytics
Transformative process optimization

Become a partner and benefit from lead generation, technical, sales and marketing support.