Healthcare - CMI Corporation
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Solutions for the healthcare market

According to a recent survey, more than one-third of nurses spend at least an hour finding items of equipment during an average hospital shift.


CMI create solutions to help streamline inventory and real-time patient tracking, working with you to pinpoint your requirements and source the correct solution.


By providing best of breed products and services from partners we know and trust, CMI can support you from the start to the finish of your project.


Key Benefits

  1. Track and trace patient history and location
  2. Keep track of individual implants
  3. Keep track of valuable hospital assets
  4. Automated administration processes
  5. Automated asset maintenance on time
  6. Accurate drug and medical aids inventories
  7. Better customer service through improved data management
  8. Reduced drug counterfeits increase patient safety

Become a partner and benefit from lead generation, technical, sales and marketing support.