Finance & Leasing - CMI Corporation
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Finance & Leasing

CMI Finance & Leasing Services


CMI provides financial leasing services bespoke to the specific requirements and opportunities of our clients. We take pride in offering a reliable and dependable partnership for your leasing needs.


Enabling small to Enterprise business’s to simply lease the equipment they need, instead of purchasing and tying up valuable capital resources


We pride ourselves on strong, long lasting relationships and treat all of our clients with a professional service, we are aware the each of our clients have unique requirements and challenges and look to provide a package that is tailored with individual care, transparency and expertise.


We offer advice and assistance in delivering the solutions that reflect your current and future business requirements. We are vendor and bank independent offering financing terms that give you maximum flexibility.


Call our Finance team today on +44 (0)1483 413362 to find out more about the services and benefits they can support you with.

Become a partner and benefit from lead generation, technical, sales and marketing support.