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End-to-End Cloud Driven Networking

Deliver stronger connections and optimal performance with Extreme Networks WiNG Access Points


This pioneering technology provides a seamless and powerful experience for any Local Area Network (LAN) environment, no matter the size, requirements or location – whether that’s a small office or an outdoor site. Combining enterprise-level security with enhanced scalability, Extreme Networks provide a cost-effective and streamlined solution.

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The more hassle-free your technology, the more streamlined your business. Extreme Networks WiNG Access Points untangle complex needs, simplify IT efforts and reduce overheads through flexible structures and centralisation of wireless voice, video, data, and multiple RF technologies.


Fail-safe and intuitive roaming produces a positive user experience across all wireless controllers and switches. Combine this reliability with the transparency of the systems – the Extreme Wireless NSight Platform empowers any member of IT staff to oversee any aspect of your network – and you’re granted management of your own network unlike any other solution available in the industry.


What’s more, WiNG OS can scale effortlessly from the simplest requirement to globally dispersed deployments. Azara Cloud Managed Networking can implement this power to the Cloud, removing all barriers to efficient storage and wireless document access.


Products Include:

  • Indoor Access Points
  • Outdoor Access Points
  • Wall plate Access Points
  • Controllers
  • WiNG Software Enhancements.

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