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Introducing Velocity: a new generation of intuitive solutions, delivering reliable mission-critical applications in the public safety, transportation, government, and utilities industries.


Velocity EC-800


The Velocity EC-800 range of products provides organisations with a high-performance communications platform. Built on edge computing architecture, it offers high-speed broadband connectivity for always-on and mission-critical voice and data communications.

Velocity Remote Manager


Built to support the centralised management of remote devices using 4G/5G LTE and/or Wi-Fi, Velocity Remote Manager is an end-to-end management solution.

What can Velocity do for you?


  • Merge your technologies onto one, streamlined platform. When it comes to mission-critical voice and data broadband services, Velocity provides a centralised platform for a unified experience. It’s been designed to seamlessly handle any critical situation, improving cooperation and communications capabilities. It provides your organisation with the resilience, superior quality, and always-on functionality you need and expect from a mission-critical business tool.
  • Bring together all communications. Velocity copes with increased complexity in your communication technologies with ease. Offering extended range in your vehicles through unified communications (regardless of technology and bearer), it keeps your people connected at the most crucial of points. Velocity also offers a streamlined transition between LMR and LTE networks, automatically choosing the most suitable bearer depending on signal and effortlessly switching between the two with no down-time.
  • Converge your devices. Say goodbye to operating mobile radios with fist mics. Velocity controls all elements of radio through either tablets or smartphones. With Velocity, you can extend your mobile radio using either Simoco products or third-party peripherals such as credit card readers, printers, and generators by utilising device ports.
  • Invest in a reliable partner. Simoco has been installing mission-critical systems for almost 80 years. We provide solutions that support voice and data transmission in a way that’s both smart and secure, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All of our technology is designed to be future-proof and able to adapt to continuous advancements in the industry. Investing in Velocity helps you to minimise your future CAPEX, boost productivity and profitability, and significantly increase operational efficiencies.

Velocity Features

high speed connectivity

High-Speed Internet Connectivity


  • Powerful performance. Velocity enables high-performance LTE in the most extreme and unpredictable of situations. You can rely on always-on connectivity for mission-critical users, both in fixed environments and in vehicles.
  • Wi-Fi access point. Velocity creates a reliable Wi-Fi hotspot, delivering internet connectivity directly to mission-critical users.
  • Application connectivity. Stream videos or access satellite technology thanks to Velocity’s powerful Wi-Fi capabilities. Easily access third-party systems and achieve VPN, intranet, or internet access.

Upgrade to 5G. As 5G becomes the preferred choice all around the world, Velocity customers can elevate and future-proof their networks through early 5G upgrades.

push to talk

Push to Talk Technology


  • Automatic LTE/LTR carrier selection. Intelligent and reliable, Velocity monitors and selects the best transmission signal carrier at any given time by using Push to Talk cellular services (PoC), eliminating any potential disruptions.
  • Seamless roaming. Data usage on LMR networks becomes streamlined and intuitive thanks to Velocity. Automatic re-routing of calls using LTE, while unnoticed by the user, result in clearer and more natural sound for voice conversations.
  • Minimal downtime. Velocity’s access to an increased number of networks reduces wasted time and troubleshooting, leading to boosted productivity and efficiency.
works on mobile devices

Operates on Tablets and Smartphones


  • Ruggedised tablets and smartphones. When you select the EC-830 device, Velocity is able to extend voice and data capabilities through LMR networks, creating an application that runs effectively on all standard ruggedised tablets and smartphones.
  • Designed for vehicle networking. Field workers require reliable access to the same tools they use in the office. With Velocity, these applications are made available anytime and anywhere, whether users are on the move or located at remote sites. Businesses can also keep track of the location and status of their mobile assets at all times.
  • Bluetooth connectivity. Enjoy ease of use and clearer communications using wireless Bluetooth accessories, such as Push to Talk and remote speaker microphones, which can be paired using Velocity.

Velocity Remote Manager (VRM)


VRM is a complete, end-to-end management solution. It supports the centralised management of remote devices using 4G LTE and/or Wi-Fi, and offers additional features including:

  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics using system logs
  • Mass radio configuration
  • Firmware updates
  • HTTPS connection to VRM web server
  • Reliable support for all modern browsers
  • Connection history for each device on your network
  • Secure transmission between VRM server and end devices (via MQTT TLS protocol)
  • Subscriptions which offer software updates to the EC-800 device

Introducing NodeRED: Build Automated Workflows


  • The advantage of automated workflows. NodeRED is a powerful application with Velocity, on-hand to provide a variety of behavioural workflows. These provide your organisation with the ultimate flexibility to build and program your own bespoke applications, while also pulling in the advantages of other devices and networks.
  • Customisable applications. With Simoco Wireless Solutions, you can fully personalise your workflows so that they’re tailored to your exact requirements. Streamlining the way your business operates significantly improves efficiency and productivity at all levels.
  • Typical use cases. Whether you choose to connect to databases, hook into weather RSS feeds or send email notifications, the capabilities offered by NodeRED within Velocity are limitless.


Success Stories


Manufacturing Plant Selects Velocity

By selecting Velocity integration for their critical communications network, this manufacturing plant was able to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

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