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If you aren't already using a Rajant mesh network, you are seriously missing out! BreadCrumb nodes can be placed anywhere.
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Benefits of a Rajant Mesh Network

If you aren’t already using a Rajant Kinetic Mesh network, you’re missing out! 

A Kinetic Mesh network consists of wireless BreadCrumb nodes that can be placed anywhere.

Each node will automatically connect to the network as soon as it’s switched on.

Any number of nodes can be used in the network, allowing the signal to extend into remote areas that usually don’t receive signal.

There are tonnes of benefits of a mesh network. Below we have listed some of the most important ones.

1. No single point of failure

A traditional WiFi network contains a linear pattern of nodes. This means if one fails, the whole network goes down.

With a Kinetic Mesh network, there are multiple connected nodes with no specific path. Each node can act independently.

With Rajant’s patented InstaMesh technology, if one connection fails it will instantly re-route itself to the next best available path, removing any possibility of downtime on your end.

2. Easily scalable for a future-proof solution

This type of network is easily expandable. Additional nodes will instantly become part of the network once they are switched on.

If you’re looking to expand your site in the future, this solution is for you.

kinetic mesh

3. Wireless nodes can be placed anywhere

Rajant BreadCrumb Nodes are extremely rugged, allowing them to be placed anywhere, even in extreme environmental conditions or in locations that usually don’t receive RF signal.

This is ideal for industries that heavily rely on connectivity, and may also work in locations that usually don’t receive signal.

Ideal applications include:

  • Military
  • Healthcare
  • Mining/Tunneling
  • Oil and Gas
  • Ports
  • Manufacturing

Check out the rest of our verticals.

4. Provides configurable encryption options for data transfer

Kinetic Mesh enables video, voice and data applications where strong security is essential.

Rajant BreadCrumb Nodes provide configurable per-hop, per-packet data authentication and encryption options. This way, you can rest assured that your data will be kept in safe hands.

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