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Empowering Human Operators & Analysts

Video surveillance is growing rapidly on a global scale. Currently, there are close to 250 million video surveillance cameras working around the world, capturing an annual 1.6 trillion hours of footage.


At least 20% of this footage needs to be analysed and handled by human operators, meaning 110 million operators are required in order to stay on top of demand. This number is unsustainable, and yet still rising all the time.


This is where Calipsa comes in: powered by deep learning, Calipsa improves both operator efficiency and coverage, reducing 110 million by 100.

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Why choose Calipsa?

Connects to existing systems

Calipsa can be easily integrated with your recorded videos and camera feeds using the simple interface of our intelligent cloud platform. Contact us to find out more about on-site solutions.

Smart algorithms

In order to deliver reliable accuracy, the Calipsa platform utilises state-of-the-art machine learning research alongside proprietary datasets.

An intuitive, “learning” system

Mangers can treat the Calipsa system as another employee – it can be trained, and never makes the same mistake twice. No configuration is needed, and the system is resistant to harsh weather, lighting, and camera placement issues.

Customised use cases

The range of uses for Calipsa video monitoring software are pretty much endless. Algorithms can also be trained for targeted uses (such as differentiating black cabs from other cars on the road), using our simple self-service interface.

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