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Cross Match

The World Identifies with us. From Identity and access management to biometric identity our solutions solve complex security challenges in an ever-changing world.

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Cross Match make it their mission to provide answers to increasingly complex and demanding security challenges in a world that never stops. Innovations such as multifactor authentication and biometric identity solutions have strengthened and inspired international businesses in recent years, changing the way we approach security.


Yesterday’s security is no longer enough.


Traditionally, threats have grown in sophistication while security has only become more complicated, inconvenient and reliant on human compliance. The result? Companies are more vulnerable to cyber-threats. Cross Match provide authentication software which evolves with the fast-paced environment, offering global enterprises and government superior protection, reliability and support.


Introducing DigitalPersona Composite Authentication.


No more frustrating processes, no more time-intensive steps… just a seamless, hassle-free user experience that uses dynamic and adaptable risk-based policies to customise security for every app, every user, everywhere.

Use Cases

DigitalPersona Composite Authentication allows businesses to move past the limited and outdated benefits of 2FA and MFA. Learn how DigitalPersona Composite Authentication can be applied to a diverse spectrum of user needs:

Windows Logon

DigitalPersona eliminates hackers and provides safe logging onto Windows desktops and servers.

Single Sign-On/Federation

DigitalPersona provides appropriate authentication features for each specific sign-on, while also offering SSO SAML and federation to your common applications.

Cloud and Mobile Applications

Don’t let threats slow your progress. DigitalPersona empowers businesses to embrace new technology while securing even the most sensitive cloud and mobile applications.


Benefit from enhanced access technology, enhanced by a range of authentication options.

Build Your Own Authentication

Save time and money by augmenting your existing applications with DigitalPersona Access Management API and creating a customised security solution.

And Many More

Other notable uses for DigitalPersona include specialised solutions for law enforcement and CJIS needs, a Temenos banking platform delivering biometric authentication and a government initiative to manage PIV and CAC cards. Others are still being realised and developed.

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