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Engage students and transform teaching

When it comes to providing an interesting and interactive learning experience, Samsung offers an extensive range of products for the education sector. These teaching tools work collectively to create innovative Smart Schools.


Pioneering digital learning


The Samsung suite of education-engineered products is far-ranging and inclusive: for example, Samsung interactive management solution software displays information on a Samsung Interactive whiteboard and shares it with pupils on their Samsung Smart Tablets. Also, the Samsung Mobile Learning Management system provides teachers with access to various education management functions, such as subject matter sharing and assignment management.

Education Image

Everything is managed by the Samsung Enterprise Mobility Management solution. Having a centralised control panel helps you to keep systems up-to-date, complete provisioning and tracking, and check the life cycle.


Perhaps most importantly, though, this technology empowers teachers to deliver content to students in an easy and intuitive way. For example, teachers can share their screen with the class, and monitor student progress in real time, helping them to pinpoint any issues early on. Also, instructors can conduct group activities in a simple and effective manner.


Students’ learning is augmented by this technology – digital course materials can be accessed at virtually any time.


CCTV cameras for security


School safety is Samsung’s prime concern. All innovations in the suite use a wireless network, connected to a running Samsung Knox security suite. Rest assured that staff and pupils are both connected and protected.


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