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Samsung’s Wi-Fi solution for the hospitality sector

Today’s hotel visitor is “always on.” On holidays and business trips to hotels, we bring an increasing number of wireless devices, from smartphones to laptops.


As a result, hotel guests have little patience with poor connectivity, expecting high-speed Wi-Fi anywhere, anytime. Therefore, delivering a powerful wireless network helps to create a stand-out customer experience.

Samsung Hospitality

Meeting the demands of today’s guests


A wireless environment enables customers to access the type of content they want – from families downloading films to business users accessing large files from their corporate network. In fact, wireless is now a prerequisite for doing business, and hotels which offer powerful connectivity enjoy increased profits from their coffee lounges, bars, and restaurants.


For this reason, a system needs to be able to support multiple devices simultaneously in and around the building.

Connected services


More and more functions can now be completed by smartphone – from booking reservations to paying bills. These integrated digital capabilities play a huge role in driving customer engagement, offering hotels the ideal opportunity to transform how they interact with customers.


Samsung is the market leader in technology that effectively allocates equal airtime to all devices accessing the network. As a result, total throughput (faster data transfer speeds) is maximised by more than 50%. This ‘airtime fairness’ provides uninterrupted and consistent service for everyone.


A fast network also benefits hotel staff by driving greater efficiencies and reducing expenditure.

Keeping costs down


An integrated wireless network reduces overheads to drive your business forward. For example, all standard DECT handsets (cordless phone systems) can be replaced – consolidating your voice and wireless infrastructure, leading to significant savings.


In the same way, employees can access the front of house guest data, helping them to report maintenance issues and stay informed of specific requests made by guests. Efficiently allocated resources, quickly resolved problems, and empowered staff offer a streamlined and proactive service.


Also, Samsung is proud to provide the best coverage, throughput, and bandwidth of any Wi-Fi provider. The evidence? A recent benchmark study conducted by the Tolly Group, which found that Samsung delivers 40% more throughput than either Cisco or Aruba.

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