Idealstor LLC - CMI Corporation
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Protect your business and bid goodbye to human error and ongoing IT problems


While a certain amount of downtime is an inevitability for IT administrators, it can be managed and minimised in order to have the smallest possible impact on a business.


This is where Idealstor’s suite of powerful and affordable solutions comes in, helping you to speed up recovery time and decrease data loss. Built to provide adaptable, streamlined and high-performance processes, you’ll be able to quickly and effectively turn around any IT downtime.

Available products include:

  • Disaster Recovery – Flashback
  • Backup Hardware – Bantam
  • Teralyte
  • Backup Appliance
  • WORM Appliance
  • Backup Software – Hard Disk Manager
  • Protect and Restore

Why choose Idealstor?

Permanently reverse damage

With in-built response capabilities, Ransomware Rollback allows you to reverse damage as soon as it occurs, protecting your work and data.

Unified Threat Management

Protect your important and sensitive data from threats with a unified, consolidated package of protective security measures managed by experts.

Instant recovery

Regain lost data instantly, whether you’ve experienced a minor blip or a major outage. Recover your files or launch a back-up at the push of a button.

Backed-up data for your peace of mind

With Idealstor recovery, a screenshot of your device stays protected in a test environment, helping you to get back up and running in as little time as possible. You’re protected from any threat, anytime and anywhere.

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