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Introducing: Kinetic Mesh for Indoor Industrial Wi-Fi


Advancing indoor autonomy with machine-to-machine communications


Rajant Kinetic Mesh has been designed to efficiently and effectively combat Wi-Fi issues without the need for expansive (and expensive) infrastructure. Automated and autonomous indoor systems need stable and ongoing mobile connectivity – and Rajant wireless networking steps into fulfil this requirement in a way that is reliable, intelligent and even self-optimising.

Thanks to its ‘always-on’ extended range network, Rajant enables indoor industrial enterprise operations to become even more self-sufficient. Unlike its competitors, it even supports equipment on the move, allowing for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications.

Rajant helps to streamline a wide range of smart indoor industrial applications, from warehouses and manufacturing to indoor farming and fulfilment centres. By maximising operational efficiency at every level, it helps to overcome all common connectivity challenges (without the usual downtime).


One aspect which allows for such powerful performance are Rajant Breadcrumbs, which are able to simultaneously hold and support multiple connections. When it comes to indoor assets, these radio nodes form robust and redundant links, working peer-to-peer. In this way, the network can provide M2M connectivity that’s not only high-capacity and fully mobile, but quickly scalable for expansion, too. With this kind of capability, systems are able to run with the 24/7, efficient coverage they need.

Powerful, Extended-Range Coverage for Indoor Systems

Say goodbye to cumbersome and fixed networking infrastructure and static operations. It’s never been more important to have continuous wireless communications to enable autonomous indoor industrial and remotely guided machinery. However, the issue with this is that metal equipment has been known to interfere with these signals, bringing systems crashing down. The result? Expensive downtime and a lack of productivity.


This is where Rajant Breadcrumbs come in. Through the use of small and lightweight nodes, they hold multiple connections over numerous frequencies all at the same time, so they can be manually positioned to adjust to obstacles. To extend coverage in the most remote and hard-to-reach areas, Breadcrumbs can be used on robots, personnel working between racks and mobile equipment.

The key to Breadcrumbs’ efficiency is that they’re not dictated by the limitations of existing infrastructure. Instead, machines equipped with Breadcrumbs can speak to each other directly even in inhospitable temperatures and hostile environments.


If you’re facing tangible obstacles and/or RF congestion, Breadcrumbs can ensure reliable communications, whether that’s M2M or through voice and video. Therefore, with the most minimal of infrastructure, you’re able to connect warehouse machinery and assets, wherever they are positioned, ensure your connectivity network is robust, reliable and far-reaching.

The Power of Automation


In the world of indoor industrial operations, processes can quickly become hazardous and dangerous, particularly if not carried out to the adequate level of quality. This is especially the case when it comes to manual processes, which inevitably involve the possibility of human error. The outcome at best is loss of expensive stock. At worst, it puts lives at risk.


There is an easier – and safer – solution for those repetitive tasks which used to rely on manual deployment. Rajant Kinetic Mesh offers ongoing connectivity, keeping personnel off the floor and out of potentially dangerous situations. In addition, it boosts productivity by automating simple processes and boosts accuracy for higher quality output and minimised error margins.


These tasks might include:

  • Automated inventory identification
  • Enabling autonomous robots and automated guided vehicles
  • Data capture and sorting
  • Remote operation of material handling, storage and retrieval
  • Dynamically monitoring equipment health
  • Real-time video to monitor safety


As well as minimising downtime and any potential disruptions, these real-time insights into personnel performance in the indoor environment help to keep things safe for everyone.

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