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Ready access to multi-frequency broadband

When downtime simply isn’t an option, turn to Rajant. This pioneering and fully mobile network is easily deployed, as well as being resilient and economical. As any network node can be in motion at any time, the network minimises faults and is proven to perform in harsh environments.


In remote and potentially hostile settings, the Rajant kinetic mesh network provides a portable, meshed and wireless option that’s adaptable and configurable in real-time. These pervasive, multi-frequency wireless solutions ensure secure communications on-the-move, guaranteeing that you’re always connected when you need to be.

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Broadband connectivity for complex offshore infrastructure


Oil and gas exploration continues to increase worldwide. And alongside these developments, the potential for accidents and terrorist strikes also grows. When it comes to safety preparations, a reliable network provides a huge advantage. Rajant’s kinetic mesh networking technology can connect the wide and complex range of manned and unmanned vehicles, fixed and moving vessels, and the people needed to drive these industries.


The ability to reliably network these assets represents a substantial advantage regarding safety and disaster preparations. Only Rajant’s kinetic mesh networking technology offers a reliable solution for connecting the myriad equipment, vehicles, vessels and people that drive these industries.


Reliable and robust solutions


Some of Rajant’s key features are the in-built wireless BreadCrumb network nodes, and InstaMesh routing technology, which can be applied to virtually anywhere broadband data and communications are needed. Take, for example, a set of pipelines – if Rajant BreadCrumbs are added, they will be connected via a satellite transponder to allow communication of voice, video, and data.
Rajant is designed not only for powerful features but for ease of use, especially for large-scale operations. All network nodes can be continuously in motion, and as there is no single ‘controller’ node on the network, no point of failure exists.


What’s more, the applications this technology supports are virtually unlimited; from remote monitoring to video security, Rajant offers an efficient and consistent solution.

Wireless portable mesh network nodes for offshore applications


Rajant offers a variety of wireless BreadCrumb network nodes and configurations to meet your unique kinetic mesh networking needs. From the BreadCrumb LX family and ME models to the ultra-portable BreadCrumb JR2 and the multi-BreadCrumb RAPTR, Rajant has the combination of form factors, radios and functionality to address any need.


All Rajant BreadCrumbs are ruggedly-designed specifically to withstand the challenging conditions encountered in oil and gas, military, mining, first responder and other applications.


Kinetic mesh networking solutions for the offshore industry


InstaMesh is an advanced routing protocol developed by Rajant. It allows for continuous and instantaneous routing of wireless and wired connections; it also enables complete network mobility, robust fault tolerance, high throughput and low latency, all with minimal maintenance and administration.


BreadCrumb network nodes work in concert with InstaMesh to enable voice, video and data communications to operate over a common wireless infrastructure, even while all nodes are moving. In addition to providing true mobility, InstaMesh enables dynamic frequency utilization, allowing network nodes to seamlessly switch between available radio frequencies based on best-path analysis at the node level. Multi-frequency radios avoid frequency lock-in and provide operators greater flexibility to leverage additional frequencies.

A variety of wireless configurations to suit your needs


Rajant has the combination of form factors, radios, and functionality to address any need – from the BreadCrumb LX family to the ultra-portable BreadCrumb JR2.


In the oil and gas industry, hostile working conditions are a fact of daily life. Rajant BreadCrumbs are specially designed to withstand such challenging environments.


Also, InstaMesh allows for instantaneous routing of wireless and wired connections, as well as enabling complete network mobility, robust fault tolerance, high throughput and low latency.


Streamlined network management


To help monitor the status of your kinetic mesh networks using Rajant BreadCrumb wireless network nodes and InstaMesh routing technology, is BC Commander. This system assists administrators in tailoring the BreadCrumbs using Rajant BreadCrumb wireless network nodes and InstaMesh routing technology to exact configurations.


Introducing RRADS: an advanced offshore network tool


Streamline your processes and reduce man hours with RRADS – an advanced network administration, monitoring and diagnostic tool that automates many of the functions typically performed by remote network support personnel.


Data can be collected from the Rajant BreadCrumbs in the network and utilised to optimise and make adjustments.


RRADS is accessible via web browser, and each unit consists of a ruggedized CPU, running an array of advanced software tools. It tracks the performance of network components via native API communications with BreadCrumb nodes. Equipped with up to three radios (to match the frequencies of those in the network’s BreadCrumbs), RRADS performs packet capture across the network and provides a graphic representation of node connectivity.

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