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BreadCrumb® DX Series

Rajant BreadCrumb® DX Series


The DX2 is the smallest and lightest BreadCrumb® in the Rajant family, at a weight of only 123g. It’s the perfect solution for use on private wireless networks between autonomous vehicles. As with all BreadCrumb® nodes, it can be seamlessly connected to other models for streamlined scalability.


The compact and lightweight nature of the DX2 makes it compatible with drone use and other applications such as remote CCTV, small robots and telematics monitoring. These small, pocket-size packages come with a lot of power: MIMO-antenna systems and Wi-Fi and Ethernet access points to enable video, voice and data communications.

Enhanced mobility and flexibility in set-up mean the BreadCrumb DX2 is ideal for both military and commercial deployment. It offers one transceiver and two external antenna ports.


Rajant BreadCrumb® DX2 Highlights:

  • Superior security – Ultra-secure for your peace of mind, with per-hop, per-packet authentication, MAC-address encryption and various different cryptographic applications
  • Flexible – Built to be compatible with multiple radio frequencies (2.4 GHz, 5GHz) to enable an array of applications in different environments
  • Adaptive – As a completely mobile solution, the DX2 is flexible enough to adapt to challenging settings
  • Feather-light and pocket-sized – The lightest and most portable BreadCrumb® yet, the DX2 can be used on drones and robots

Next-Generation, Mesh-Based Drone Networks


Drone swarms are crucial in numerous security operations. Discover how BreadCrumbs® help contribute to a mobile network that’s both safe and trustworthy.

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