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BreadCrumb® JR Series

BreadCrumb® JR Series


Provide unified connectivity for lightweight vehicles and other roving assets with the JR series. These wireless mesh network nodes have been designed to be ultra-lightweight and portable, making them the ideal solution for body-worn, equipment-mounted and edge applications.


The IIOT (industrial internet of things) calls for seamless and powerful network coverage, and so these nodes rise to the challenge by offering secure video, voice and data transmissions for whichever of your assets require continuous access to live comms.


Introducing the Rajant BreadCrumb® JR3


With durable weather-resistance and small footprint, the innovative JR3 node was made for use in private wireless networks on edge devices, remote access points and light-duty vehicles. It’s a single-antenna, single-transceiver system, making it a great choice for transmitting low-bandwidth reports from equipment and vehicles, as well as providing connectivity for surveillance equipment like IP cameras.

So that you can fully customise and optimise your network, the JR3 is compatible with all other nodes in the BreadCrumb® range. To build a meshing infrastructure, the JR3 can be used alongside the LX5 and ME4 products.


Rajant BreadCrumb® JR3 Highlights


  • Energy-efficient – The JR3 consumes little power, making it cost-effective
  • Secure – This node enables various cryptographic options for per-packet, per-hop authentication and MAC-address and data encryption
  • Full control – Mesh Clustering means that you can designate per-BreadCrumb® sub-meshes to control which nodes the JR3 meshes with, useful for isolating groups within your network
  • Automatic Tunnelling Protocol (ATP) – Offload to the Ethernet via concurrent bridge-mode links in a way that’s reliable and time-efficient
  • Universal compatibility – Can be used alongside hundreds of COTS (consumer off the shelf) devices like smart phones and laptops, for versatility
  • Flexible – Supports various radio frequencies (5GHz and 2.4GHz) to enable a selection of applications and infrastructures

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