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Huntsman© Secure Network Radio LX4-SAB

Huntsman© Secure Network Radio LX4-SAB


Designed primarily for demanding military environments, the Huntsman Secure Network Radio LX4-SAB is an NSA (National Security Agency)-certified solution that works in conjunction with Rajant InstaMesh technology to deliver reliable, efficient and mobile connectivity in unpredictable environments.


This Cryptographic High Value product (CHVP) has a high-performance cryptographic engine to make it as secure and fault-proof as possible. When you need to quickly and discreetly deploy a wireless network in a harsh setting, the Huntsman offers fully redundant and high-bandwidth communications, ideal for enabling SAB (Secret and Below) applications worldwide.

Adaptable and flexible, the Huntsman can be combined with identical or various other nodes to provide concurrent connections. InstaMesh automatically searches out the highest quality and most reliable connection to prevent break-off or downtime. When it comes to mission-critical operations, this smooth mobile performance is key.


Hunstman highlights:

  • Ruggedized – This durable radio can be fastened to both vehicles and exposed, unmanned sites like towers, aircraft, masts and rooftops for customised deployment anywhere
  • Cost-effective – Experience a military-quality product that comes with low maintenance costs for long-term savings
  • Secure – Radios utilise various frequencies to prevent interference or jamming, allowing for effective SAB applications
  • Self-optimising – Quickly deploy self-configuring, ad-hoc networks even in the most inhospitable of places, reducing the need for expensive man-power and labour

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