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KM3-ES-2450 Harsh Environment Enclosure

KM3-ES-2450 Harsh Environment Enclosure


We’ve designed the KM3-ES-2450 in partnership with Ventev to provide an ultra-protective solution for radios in extreme settings and to prevent tampering in outdoor environments. The KM3-ES-2450 is a NEMA 4X/IP66 version of the powerful KM3 Breadcrumb®.


Quick to install and durable enough to withstand harsh temperatures and conditions, this plug-and-play solution makes creating and maintaining outdoor Kinetic Mesh networks more straightforward than ever before.


Long-lasting materials such as RoHS-compliant thermoplastic polycarbonate have been used to make the KM3-ES-2450 as rugged and tough as possible. It’s also UL F1-rated for high UV resistance. Your Rajant KM3 Breadcrumb® will be kept safe by a solid stainless steel closure with padlock, meaning you can enable real-time monitoring, SCADA and video surveillance without compromise.

Rajant KM3-ES-2450 Highlights


  • Versatile – The KM3 radio enables both 5GHz and 2.4GHz frequencies, while the enclosure can support up to 4 antennas with MIMO (multiple input, multiple output)
  • Self-configuration – Deployments become speedy and efficient thanks to streamlined Breadcrumb® set-up
  • Fault-free operation – This enclosure supports multiple transceiver configurations, resulting in diversity and high-quality network performance for less interference and downtime
  • Ready to deploy – This enclosure aldo reduces any potential delays, as it comes ready-equipped with an in-built Rajant BreadCrumb® KM3, four Type N bulkhead Jumpers as well as a VHDC-24V-50W-LC DC/DC converter
  • Flexible mounting options – As this enclosure can be mounted either indoors or outdoors on walls or poles, you have the freedom to adapt it to your feeds. A pole mount kit and wall mounting feet are all included for ease

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