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Need to streamline your stocktaking?

Here at CMI, we understand that book-keeping and stocktaking can be time and labour-intensive for your employees.


Our RFID solution simplifies the processes, freeing up your time to engage with customers, fully maximising employees’ time and driving your business forward. In fact, RFID makes your stocktaking 10-15 times more efficient.

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RFID – real results


A recent survey found that the majority of fashion retailers believe their stock information is around 99% accurate. In reality, this figure is more like 75%, and such miscalculations can have a lasting impact on your forecasting – not to mention your bottom line.


Implementing our RFID solution has been proven time and time again to increase stock accuracy up to 99 %. The best part? You could enjoy a sales increase of 5-25 %.

Key Benefits

  1. Faster stock turnaround
  2. Efficient service
  3. Improved sales
  4. Targeted replenishments
  5. Operations transparency
  6. Real-time connectivity to inventory and POS systems
  7. Reduced cost
  8. Reduce counterfeit
  9. Reduced shrinkage

CMI – offering a diverse portfolio of products for retailers


From powerful wireless networks to cutting-edge security services, we have the right solutions for your retail business.


CMI is the destination for market-leading products to help your business thrive. Our pioneering products and services from trusted partners mean we can create solutions where passion and purpose come together.

Become a partner and benefit from lead generation, technical, sales and marketing support.