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The use of robotics is becoming more and more common, especially in security industries. The new networking options are a significant factor.
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Using robotics to power security industries

Have you noticed drones hovering over events, delivering post, or images of robots walking around shopping centres? As artificial intelligence makes robots smarter, it improves their ability to anticipate and respond to situations the same way a human would.

Robots are often overlooked due to their price. In the long run, they end up saving you money. Permanent security devices require a huge amount of infrastructure. When replaced with mobile versions, detection points, cameras, and sensors can be used alongside robotic devices that require minimal upkeep.

The greatest challenge with robotics and autonomous solutions, is finding a way to keep them connected. Rajant provides wireless mesh networks, using Kinetic Mesh technology, that gives consistent, reliable coverage across virtually any space, regardless of the property size or physical obstacles.

Robotics can improve security in a wide range of environments, especially those that face an elevated risk of attack from criminals or terrorists. It can be hard to create a blanket of security across large sites. This is where robotics comes in.

You can place robots and drones across large surface areas and in a range of environments, such as wooded areas, between large concrete walls, or hilly terrains. They are able to move freely, whilst staying connected using Kinetic Mesh.

Kinetic Mesh uses radios, or nodes, that automatically identify and transmit to others, continually adjusting and finding the fastest and most stable connections. Kinetic Mesh offers machine-to-machine connectivity. This allows mobile assets, such as drones and robots, to support their own communication, using their connection to the network.

Benefits of Kinetic Mesh compared to other networking options:
  • Military-grade security ✅
  • Extremely reliable connectivity ✅
  • No single-point-of-failure ✅
  • Support for a wide range of frequencies ✅
  • Long-term value and low total-cost-of-ownership ✅


Using robotics in place of static security structures will save you money and provide you with comprehensive situational awareness with any properties that are covered, no matter the size of the grounds.

Bringing in a wireless mesh network solution means you can utilise fixed power sources, solar power or mobile devices to which they’re assigned. This allows drones to provide wide-area surveillance and omni-directional connectivity for mounted cameras and sensors.

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