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As the pioneering world leader in mobile applications, Samsung unifies powerful wireless infrastructure with sophisticated security software over wireless LAN and mobile communications.

Streamline your processes, reduce your overheads and boost your business’s productivity with simplified, user-friendly frameworks. This is connectivity, redefined.


How does Samsung offer such unparalleled service? The fact that Samsung APs have a total of 15 antennas certainly helps – three are dedicated to monitoring, while the other 12 all provide optimised RF patterns, selecting the strongest and most appropriate beam for each unique environment.


The result? The receiving sensitivity is 2 dB higher than competitor antennas, fail points and dead zones are dramatically reduced, and service coverage is improved and extended. A Samsung antenna can receive clear signals from weak mobile devices from long distances.

Key Features

AirEqualizer – optimised Wi-Fi service


Using Traffic Schedule technology, Samsung allocates equal airtime to multiple devices in your network for well-distributed connectivity – perfect for classrooms and lecture halls. Even in environments with multiple devices and varying traffic types, quality is never compromised. As it can maximise an AP’s total cell throughout more than 50% more than competitors, it adapts to Wi-Fi specifications.


VaTS (Voice Aware Traffic Scheduling)


Even when a large number of calls are taking place concurrently, VaTS, Samsung’s patented technology, prevents sound degradation by sending voice frames to multiple devices using efficient traffic scheduling.


Seamlessly move on from legacy Wi-Fi providers with AirMove


Traditionally, Wi-Fi handover technology is fiddly, time-consuming and degrades ongoing service. Samsung’s AirMove technology uses innovative LTE Handover technology, which targets the optimum AP and timing for the switch. Even while the handover is taking place, network users can still benefit from seamless service and uninterrupted connectivity.


Automatic optimisation with a Self-Organising Network (SON)


LTE technology meets Tx power and channel sourcing capability to create cell configuration and coverage which are instantly maximised to suit specific network requirements. Reduce design cost, shorten your schedule and achieve better quality management during crucial operations.


Continuous real-time monitoring


Reduce the need for additional security equipment with Samsung access points, which unify the advantages of overlay and time slice split configurations to produce a dedicated security RF monitoring chip. As a result, RF sensing performance is maximised.

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