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Pioneering the “Smart Grid”

The modern utility grid needs to answer to constantly developing sustainability concerns as well as complex implementations. More and more electricity, water and gas providers are migrating onto a more agile and interconnected Smart Grid that utilises cutting-edge technology to deliver reliable and efficient services. Streamlining all processes and reducing overheads, an intelligent Smart Grid benefits both service provider and customer.


These changes are implemented in a central operations centre, which is connected to the solutions deployed in the field by something called the utility providers’ network. If a company’s existing network isn’t sophisticated enough to support these cost-reducing and service-enhancing applications, they’ll be unable to truly maximise the opportunities provided by such technological advancements at the central operations level.


This is where the Rajant Kinetic Mesh® network comes in.

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Powerful, fail-safe, anywhere control


The innovative Rajant Kinetic Mesh® network takes the place of a current utility providers’ network. High throughput, low latency data is delivered directly, continuously and in real-time from on-site monitoring and management applications to operators. This empowers operators to achieve peak efficiency by providing them with accurate and reliable analytics.


Why Rajant Kinetic Mesh® technology?


Unlike traditional networks, Rajant is fully mobile and uses any-node to any-node communications. This means there’s no single point of failure, resulting in fast, secure and trustworthy connectivity for utility applications.


The completely scalable Rajant infrastructure also supports rapidly growing service providers; real-time data exchange allows companies to optimise and efficiently manage assets in the most secure manner possible.


Rajant Kinetic Mesh® technology specialises in communications for advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), analytics, distributed automation, SCADA, substation monitoring, and more.

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