Case Study: Stanwell's Meandu Mine - CMi Corporation
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stanwell's meandu mine

Case Study: Stanwell’s Meandu Mine

Rajant Corporation has partnered with Acubis Technologies to deliver the Peregrine and Hawk wireless BreadCrumb nodes to Stanwell’s Meandu Mine, Australia.

The challenge: Stanwell’s Meandu Mine was struggling with the ever-evolving data and application requirements of its operation network. The network supports CCTV, access control, in-vehicle management, and autonomous haulage and needed additional throughput that could be provided by the Peregrine and Hawk BreadCrumbs. The network conditions are harsh. with large, towering ridges around the mines with multiple applications running at once.

Stanwell's Meandu Mine

Stanwell owns Tarong power stations, one of Queensland’s largest electricity generating sites, with coal coming from the Meandu Mine. This means there is high dependency on sustained operations and critical infrastructure security.

Rajant Peregrine and Hawk nodes are robust and secure. They have the ability to grow with the capacity needs for future applications, delivering a cost-saving solution to Stanwell’s thermal power production.

Read more about Rajant’s BreadCrumb wireless nodes here.

Integrating these highly scalable BreadCrumbs into the network allowed all applications to run continuously and at peak performance. The nodes maximised the use of the fleet management system, enabled telemetry and high precision GPS technologies, and provided connectivity for CCTV, environmental, and control systems.

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