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Connectivity for extreme conditions

In the mining industry, the stakes are high. Just a few seconds of downtime can lead to huge financial losses and potentially dangerous situations.


As a result, mining operators must have full visibility over their operations. In particular, they need to be able to continuously monitor and control high-value equipment, vehicles, and personnel, even when travelling across rugged or remote mining terrain.


Comprehensive machinery management


When machinery is your greatest asset, you can’t take any risks with its operation. For example, an open pit mine producing 80,000 tons of ore a day estimates the cost of required machinery to be more than $47.5M. Such valuable assets must be well taken care of, and continuously optimised to maximise production.


Create a dynamic and seamless network by attaching nodes onto your vehicles, shovels, and pumps. This will allow you to gather real-time data on things like efficiency and data needs, whether your machinery is in use or not.
Save time and money with optimised maintenance.


Although routine maintenance has its benefits, it can also be a waste of effort and lead to unnecessary downtime if the equipment is in fine working order. Sometimes, it can even cause equipment failure.

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