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Poynting Helical Antennas and Leaky Feeder: Unleashing High Bandwidth Connectivity

In the fast-paced world of communication technology, the demand for high bandwidth connectivity is ever-growing, and industries such as telecommunications, mining, and public safety require robust solutions to meet these requirements. Poynting, a pioneer in wireless communication technology, has emerged with innovative solutions like Helical Antennas and Leaky Feeder systems to address the need for high bandwidth connectivity in diverse environments.

Poynting Helical Antennas: Unraveling the Power of Spiral Innovation

  1. Spiraling towards Efficiency: Poynting’s Helical Antennas stand out for their unique spiral design, enabling them to provide exceptional performance in terms of gain and coverage. The helical structure allows for increased signal strength and enhanced reliability, making these antennas ideal for applications that demand high bandwidth and wide coverage areas.
  2. Broadband Excellence: Helical Antennas by Poynting excel in delivering broadband connectivity, making them suitable for a range of applications such as satellite communication, mobile networks, and industrial wireless networks. The broadband capability ensures that data-intensive applications can operate seamlessly, providing users with a robust and high-speed communication experience.
  3. Compact Design, Powerful Performance: Despite their compact design, Poynting’s Helical Antennas pack a punch in terms of performance. The spiral construction allows for a smaller physical footprint while maintaining excellent signal quality, making them versatile and easy to integrate into various setups, including fixed installations and mobile platforms.
  4. Harsh Environment Resilience: Designed to withstand challenging environmental conditions, Poynting’s Helical Antennas are well-suited for applications in harsh and remote locations. Their durability ensures reliable performance even in extreme weather conditions, making them an ideal choice for industries that operate in demanding environments.

Poynting Leaky Feeder: A Stream of Connectivity Unleashed

  1. Continuous Connectivity Along the Line: Leaky Feeder systems by Poynting revolutionize in-building and tunnel communication. Unlike traditional coaxial cables, the Leaky Feeder is a continuous cable that “leaks” radio frequency signals along its length, ensuring consistent and uninterrupted connectivity. This makes it an excellent solution for providing high bandwidth communication in confined spaces like mines, tunnels, and large industrial facilities.
  2. Scalability and Flexibility: Leaky Feeder systems offer scalability, allowing users to extend coverage easily by adding more cable. This flexibility is particularly beneficial in environments where the layout may change over time or where additional coverage is needed without major infrastructure modifications.
  3. Ideal for Critical Communications: Poynting’s Leaky Feeder solutions are well-suited for critical communication applications such as public safety and emergency services. The continuous and reliable connectivity they provide is essential for ensuring that communication remains robust in situations where every second counts.
  4. Efficient Deployment in Challenging Environments: Whether it’s a sprawling underground mine or a complex industrial facility, Poynting’s Leaky Feeder systems offer a solution that efficiently delivers high bandwidth connectivity in challenging and dynamic environments.


In the pursuit of high bandwidth connectivity, Poynting’s Helical Antennas and Leaky Feeder systems stand as testament to innovation and adaptability. Their unique designs, robust construction, and versatile applications make them key players in addressing the evolving needs of industries that rely on seamless and efficient communication. As technology continues to advance, Poynting remains at the forefront, shaping the future of high bandwidth connectivity for a wide range of critical applications.













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